will.i.am tweets his car has been stolen (Mr Zip-style)

will.i.am is known to pretty much live tweet his every move (from judging live on The Voice, to running with the Olympic torch, to partying with Cheryl).

will.i.am, car stolenwill.i.am tweeted that his car has been stolen. Copyright [Wenn]

But today the global music star took to Twitter in anguish after his expensive car disappeared.

Black Eyed Peas star will.i.am posted a string of tweets relating to the vehicle being stolen - getting more and more aggressive as they went on.

Earlier today he posted: "My car was stolen...what the f***..."

Then: "Where is my f****** car...??? This isn't funny anymore

will.i.am sounded a bit like Mr Zip when he tweeted about his phone. Copyright [Twitter/will.i.am]

He was temporarily upbeat and hopeful: "I'm going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe..."

Before bringing a hashtag into the mix: "#givemebackmycar this joke is getting old..."

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While we're just as worried as Will about the whereabouts of his beloved wheels, we really couldn't help hearing good old BGT's Mr Zip as we read his tweets.

Mr Zip's infectious tune 'Where me keys? Where me phone' was so addictive after he performed it on Britain's Got Talent that he's ACTUALLY releasing the track.

And it's even got its own video - which sees the man himself showing off his dance moves in an array of colourful T-shirts.

Perhaps Mr will.i.am is vying for a collaboration?