Will.i.am song ‘Scream & Shout’ initially meant for Tulisa, that would explain Britney Spears’ bizarre British accent then

When we first heard Britney Spears' featured vocals on Will.i.am's latest track 'Scream & Shout', we had a few reservations.

It turns out Tulisa had intially recorded the track. Copyright [Vevo/Wenn]

The biggest one being: Why on earth is Britney Spears putting on a faux British accent?

After a few more listens, we accepted the bizarre vocal and simply enjoyed the song.

However, it has now come to light why Britney could have decided to do her best Dick Van Dyke impersonation on the track.

She was trying to show that she had 'urban roots'.

It turns out that X Factor judge Tulisa had in fact co-written the song, originally called 'I Don't Give a F***' with Will.i.am's best mate Jean Baptiste for her debut album.

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However, after hearing the track Will decided he wanted it, getting Britney to re-record the parts Tulisa had laid down.

That's a tad harsh.

But perhaps Britney's plummy british accent was in fact a homage to Tulisa.

Tulisa was going to release the song as her third single. Copyright [Rex]

Homage or not, Tulisa is apparently not particularly happy about the situation with a source telling the Sun: "The song was due to be Tulisa's third single from her album until Will told his protégé Jean that he wanted the beat for him and Britney.

"Tulisa's team thought it was a surefire hit but, after losing the battle for the rights, they were forced to release Sight Of You which only got to No 18.

"She now has to watch on as the song goes Top 5 around the world."

Talk about bad luck.