Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich: Beautiful Creatures is more playful than Twilight

Alice Englert and Alden Ehrenreich, stars of the new teen fantasy film ‘Beautiful Creatures,’ have argued that the movie shouldn’t be compared to the popular Twilight Saga.

Beautiful Creatures cast talks Twilight comparisonsomg! had a chat with Alden Ehrenreich and Alice Englert, the stars of Beautiful Creatures

Talking exclusively to omg! the actors explained that although the film has been dubbed ‘the new Twilight’, it is in fact quite different.

Alice told us: “Well it’s called Beautiful Creatures! That’s the first thing I start with. We don’t really know. He [Alden] hasn’t seen Twilight, I’ve seen the first one and that was a while ago.

“The fact that this genre is so huge is a very new thing. I think that Twilight started that. Obviously it is the same genre.

“We were able to take on the playfulness and that humour that I think makes it really unique actually.

“Apart from the title I think that this film has a strange- a little bit of a quirkiness- that really works- something flamboyant in it. It feels playful.”

Beautiful Creatures is based on the first book of the bestselling ‘Caster Chronicles’ trilogy.

Previous film adaptations of popular books such as ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Twilight’ have created huge stars out of the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Robert Pattinson.

With this in mind, we asked Alden and Alice if they were prepared for possible onslaught of media attention that comes hand in hand with starring in successful films of this nature.

Alden doesn't know how he would prepare for the fame that comes with a film like this. Copyright [Wenn]

Alden admitted: “I don’t know, how do you know? How do you know if you are prepared? I don’t know. I hope people feel passionately about the movie like they do about those other films. I hope the movie connects with those people but I have no idea what that would be like, I have no frame of reference for that.”

Alice added: “I wish all the best for the film and I want it to do well because we had so much fun making it. But in relation to being prepared I don’t know how you would prepare!

“I’m in too much denial to be nervous!”

Alice is in denial about how big the film will be. Copyright [Wenn]
Beautiful Creatures focuses on the forbidden romance between human Ethan Lawson and witch (known as a caster) Lena Duchannes.

Suffice to say, there is a fair bit of magic on display throughout the film so we wanted to find out what Alden and Alice’s dream power would be.

Alden said: “I don’t want invisibility or to live forever because when you see movies that have these powers the movie always ends and the point of the movie is that it is better not to have those powers.

“But when you go shopping and buy fruit it’s expensive, you bring it home and you eat it and then you’re out of fruit. So an endless amount of fruit- like a big fruit bowl that was always there- would be great because I like fruit.”

And if you thought Alden’s wanted magic power was odd, just wait until you hear what Alice’s is.

Alice admitted: “I was going to say no mosquitoes but I think actually controlling mosquitoes. If I was really angry with someone I could make them get really bitten by mosquitoes.

“It’s terrible, I would use it for good- I actually like everyone so it’s fine. That’s what I want.”

Well they are certainly very original answers, we’ll give them that.

Beautiful Creatures hits cinemas nationwide on February 13.