Alexandra Burke falls victim to tattoo spelling mistakes after posting new photos on Twitter? #FAIL

Alexandra Burke  has shared photos of her new tattoos on Twitter after spending hours getting all inked up yesterday. However, within minutes of posting the snaps, her followers were commenting that it looked like she'd fallen victim to the age old tattoo spelling mistake FAIL.

Alexandra Burke shared this photo of her new tattoo, but it looks like the word 'Loyalty' is spelled incorrectly. …Alexandra, 24, has had the words 'Love and Loyalty' emblazoned across her collarbone, and shared the black and white photo of the tat with her Instagram followers.

However, many of her fans quickly pointed out that the tattoo looks more like 'Love and Loyaly'.

Alexandra Burke's tattoo looks like it could be spelled wrong - but we're not COMPLETELY sure. Copyright [Inst …One follower said: "looks like it's spelt wrong." Another said: "it looks like love & loyaly." [sic]

Another agreed, commenting: "
Uh oh, they spelled it wrong!"

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We looked long and hard at the photo of her latest inking and couldn't work out whether it IS in fact spelled incorrectly - but the fact we're even having to question it probably says it all.

UPDATE: Clearly distressed by the tweets insisting she couldn't spell, Alex took to Twitter this afternoon to clarify the situation, tweeting a picture showing the tattoo in all its glory.

Alexandra Burke also had the words, 'Honour, Love and Trust' tattooed on her fingers - with fans claiming 'Trust' …Alexandra didn't stop her tattooing spree there, however. She went on to have her fingers tattooed, too.

She now has the words 'Honour, Love and Trust' inked on her middle, fourth and little finger.

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However, these tattoos were criticised too, with one fan telling her the words had been printed too big, and another enquiring why she had the word 'tw*t' tattooed on her little finger.

Oh dear.

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Fri, Nov 14, 2014 14:00 GMT