Alexandra Burke staying strong as she dumps Jermain Defoe after he cheats again

Alexandra Burke has revealed she's staying strong despite reports she's dumped boyfriend Jermain Defoe after he cheated on her AGAIN.

Alexandra Burke has reportedly dumped Jermain Defoe. Copywrite: [Wenn]

But amidst allegations the footballer asked a nurse to his house for sex whilst they were dating, popstar Alexandra Burke has said she wants it to all be a "bad dream".

If we were dating the gorgeous singer *cough Jermain Defoe* we're pretty sure we'd do everything we could to keep her.

After all she's a hot, she's a successful popstar and she's a really lovely lady (we can vouch for this).

But according to reports Alex has  DUMPED him after he cheated on her AGAIN.

Alexandra Burke Jermain Defoe dumpsJermain Defoe has reportedly cheated on Alexandra Burke again. Copywrite: [Wenn]

The Sun says that although Alex tried to forgive the footballer after he two-timed her with model Laura Brown, she's now cut off all ties after a second woman came forward.

This time it's Kirsty Crummey who's confessed to sleeping with Jermain Defoe whilst he was supposed to be dating Alexandra Burke.

The nurse told the tabloid that she felt guilty after Jermain invited her to his mansion for sex just six weeks ago.

Popstar Alex has told her millions of Twitter followers that although she'd going through tough times, she's keeping strong, posting: "What don't kill you, only makes you stronger...."

And she spent the day taking her mind off things yesterday as she had fun at Thorpe Park with her family.

Alexandra Burke spent the day with her dad at Thorpe Park. Copywrite: [Wenn]

But she is clearly going through tough times after she also posted: "Sometimes it don't feel real. Bed. Just want it to be a bad dream..."

Alexandra Burke reportedly gave Jermain Defoe a curfew after the last time he cheated.

The Daily Star reported that the only way she would take him back after the first time his wandering ways were revealed would be with some strict rules.

Apparently one of them was a night club ban, and any contact with admirers or fans.