Alex Reid warns Katie Price’s fiancee Keiran Hayler: ‘Don’t rush!’. Er, bit late for that!

Alex Reid has sent out a public warning to Katie Price's (latest) fiancee Keiran Hayler,

Kieran proposed to Katie on Xmas day. Copyright [Twitter/Kieran Hayler]

Alex had branded Katie, 34, the “most high maintenance women in Britain” and said that Keiran needs to get to know Katie more before they get hitched.

Nothing like your ex getting all involved in your business, eh?

Alex told The Sun: “They should take longer to get to know each other. It is a rollercoaster being married to her."

Alex and Katie on their honeymoon. Copyright: [wenn]

And he should know, Alex and Katie married in February 2010 in Las Vegas after they had dated for seven months, less than a year later the pair had separated.

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For once, we have to say that we do think Alex Reid might have a point.

Alex likes having his photo taken, even in his dressing gown. Copyright: [Closer]

After all, Katie and Keiran, 25, have been together almost no time at all - less than three months to be exact.

You would have thought that Katie would have learned by her mistakes, with this being her fourth engagement and if it happens, third marriage.

She only broke up from her last fiancee, Leandro Penna three months ago, for cripes sake.

Alex says: “Katie’s in love with being in love. It’s new and exciting and I hope a new deep love can form. As long as Kieran understands the world he’s now part of, he’ll be fine.”

And Al reckons that Keiran should get ready, because while he might not be famous now, marrying Jordan is almost definitely a free pass to the ol' fame game.

Alex says: “I wasn’t well-known but I became very well-known. The second you open the doors to the public, your life changes and you can’t close those doors straight away."

Especially if you can't stop opening your gob.

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