Alex Reid on Jeremy Kylie: I want to spend Christmas with Dolly (we wonder what Chantelle will say about that)

Alex Reid found himself trending worldwide on Twitter this morning when he appeared on The Jeremy Kyle Show to finally set the record straight in a tell-all interview.

Alex Reid was on Jeremy Kyle today. Copyright [Rex]

Speaking to the chat show host about his relationship with ex Chantelle Houghton and their daughter Dolly he told him he's desperate to spend Christmas with her.

He said: "I'm not in love with Chantelle but I love my kid and I don't wish her any harm. The best Christmas present ever would be waking up with my little girl.

"In the long run, I see I have a fantastic relationship with Dolly. I'm going to be there for her through thick and thin. I hold that in my heart."

We wonder what Chantelle with have to say about that one.

Last week Alex was granted access to Dolly after a rumoured eight-week absence from his daughter.

He was spotted arriving at the 28-year-old Big Brother star's house with his parents to spend some time with his little one.

And afterwards he tweeted: "The most precious two hours in my recent existence."

Chantelle and Alex have been locked in a war of words ever since they split in September after the birth of their now six-month baby girl.

Alex told Jeremy Kyle he didn't love Chantelle anymore but is obsessed with women. Copyright [Rex]

And things got really nasty when Chantelle claimed that Alex asked for sex with a man whilst dressed as his alter-ego Roxanne.

The 37-year-old cage fighter admitted to having "experimenting" with same-sex encounters in the past, but he insists they all took place a long time ago.

Asked by Jeremy Kyle if he is bisexual, he said: "I don't smoke but I have tried a cigarette. That was a long, long time ago when I was experimenting to find out what I was all about.

"Clearly I like women - I want to be with a woman. I'm obsessed with women. I'm brave enough to say that."

And it appears that Alex thought he was heading onto Newsnight this morning, rather than the Channel 5 chat show.

He added: "All I want is credibility and respect. I bang my head against the wall, I don't know what to do. I felt very uncomfortable about coming on here but enough is enough."

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