Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton patching things up, he finally visits baby Dolly

The Alex Reid and Chantelle Houghton saga has made us gasp, gawp and at times feel pretty sad but it seems the pair could be patching things up.

Alex ReidAlex Reid was reunited with baby Dolly. Copyright [WENN]Chantelle Houghton revealed this week that Alex Reid hadn't seen their daughter Dolly for six weeks so we were pleased that Alex has finally made a visit to her.

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We're taking it as a good sign that things might be on the way to becoming amicable - the pair being in the same room is definitely progress.

Alex Reid tweeted this photo of his Dad with baby Dolly. Copyright [Alex Reid]Alex Reid visited Dolly at Chantelle's mum's house - and he brought his parents along too.

Alex tweeted a photo of his Dad having a cuddle with baby Dolly - who, by the way is the CUTEST baby we think we've ever seen. We also think she's now the spitting image of Chantelle.

Alex tweeted the snap alongside the caption: "Grandad Bob & Dolly. The most precious 2 hours in my recent existence!"

Chantelle HoughtonChantelle Houghton recently tweeted this photo of her and Dolly. Copyright [Chantelle Houghton]We're glad that Alex and Dolly have been reunited after Chantelle revealed this week that she didn't think Dolly would recognise him.

She said: "I haven't seen or heard from Alex in six weeks. Through him not contacting me, he doesn't even know where we both live. It's really sad, but I'll just make sure on my own that Dolly has a nice life so she doesn't want for anything."

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