Alanis Morissette exclusive: Shows like American Idol crush singer-songwriters

Alanis Morrisette may have dropped some SERIOUS hints of late that she's heading for the judging panel of American Idol.

Alanis MorissetteAlanis Morissette says shows like American Idol and XF are not for songwriters. Copyright [Getty]

But when omg! caught up with the Canadian star she told us she wasn't a big fan of the new swathe of talent shows.

Speaking exclusively to us ahead of the release of her brand new album. the singer said that they didn't do anything to nurture writing talent.

She told us: "Those shows are all about performance — mostly about the voice. The shows aren't really geared towards fostering the singer-songwriter in the artist.

"In fact I've noticed that the opposite is true. If anyone wanted to present their own songs they were very much dissuaded from that. It's not a show for the emerging singer songwriter."

Alanis Morissette chatted to omg! exclusively. Copyright [Getty]

And the 38-year-old told us that talent shows like 'American Idol' and the 'X Factor' place too much emphasis on celebrity status.

She added: "[Talent shows] speak to the idea of fame being highly valued in the West. It's not a means to an end but an end within itself which I find fascinating because it may temporarily fill a void but it really doesn't have any sustainability."

Alanis sent the online rumour mill into a flurry this week when she told CNN she'd be in discussions about joining Mariah Carey on the American Idol judging panel.

She said: "Yes, I have been in conversations about it, and that's the degree to which I can share the info right now.

"I live to mentor, so my heart is much more open to the idea of that than even 10 years ago when I, perhaps, wasn't in a position to be able to offer much advice, solicited or otherwise.

And although it seems she's yet to be convinced by the emergence of talent shows in the past decade, the 'Jagged Little Pill' star isn't all negative about the changes in the music industry since she first emerged in the mid 90s.

For starters she told us she reckons there's a lot more girl power these days.

Alanis said: "I'm liking this era much better. Because when I released 'Jagged Little Pill' there were a lot of women who wanted to scratch my eyes out.

"There's more sisterhood so I don't feel as scared. I've hung out a little bit with Katy Perry and had some sweet things said to me by some of the young female artists so I feel like there's a sisterhood.

Alanis Morissette is a big fan of Katy Perry. Copyright [Getty]

"It's nice to meet people like Pink and Avril Lavigne and Katy Perry who are very forthcoming with kindness and props as opposed to my peers at the time who were not so kind."

She also told us she likes what Twitter has done for the relationship between stars and their fans.

She said: "The music industry is different because now there's more invitation for artists to be transparent.

It's all about give as much information as you can about the under belly and the backstage. Whereas before in the 90s it was all about mystique and not filling in all the blanks. So I'm happy about it because transparency is much more relaxing.

"And there's more intimacy with the fan. I think before they constantly felt like I was out of reach. Whereas now it levels the playing field which is awesome."

The mum-of-one is back with her brand new album 'Havoc and Bright Lights' - four years after her last album and 17 since she became a global star with 'Jagged Little Pill'.

And she told us that after the birth of her son, Ever, she was just itching to get back into the studio.

She told us: "When he was about three months old I thought if I don't star writing I'm going to implode so we built a make-shift studio in my house and just had a policy that if he needed me he would knock on the door."

Havoc and Bright Lights is out August 27th