Alan Carr reveals secret to Adele’s weight loss

Adele's weight loss got us all talking, and now her good pal Alan Carr has revealed her secret.

Adele's weight loss secret has been reveald by Alan Carr / Copyright WENN

Following her throat operation last autumn, Adele's figure became slimmer and when she tweeted a picture of herself on one of her first public outings back in December, her face was trimmer.

The singer burst onto the music scene back in 2008 and since then her weight has gradually decreased, but over recent months the change has been more noticeable.

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So what is the secret behind Adele's weight loss, is it a crazy new diet regime?

Apparently not.

Adele's weight loss since the BRITs in 2008 to the same awards ceremony in 2011 / Copyright WENN/Getty

Adele's good friend Alan Carr told heat magazine: "The only reason she's lost all that weight is because she's stopped drinking. She's not on any diets. She had Chicken McNuggets at mine the other night."

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So why is Adele off the booze, Al?

"She's just not drinking because of her throat. It's a bit boring, to be honest. It's like having Sister Wendy or a monk round. I love a nice glass of red, but she's like, 'Oh no, I'll just have a cuppa.'"

Adele in December 2011 and February 2008 / Copyright Twitter/WENN

Alan Carr also chatted about Adele's love of his pet pooch Bev while he posed with his Irish setter Joyce.

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He said: "On the backstage passes for Adele's last tour there was a photo of Adele and Bev kissing. There was a photo of Bev projected on the backdrop at her concerts, too. She's more famous than I am."

Alan Carr with his dog / Copyright heat magazine

It would be pretty easy for Adele to become a massive diva following all her success, but Alan Carr insists the singer is down to earth and normal, and is in fact the "least showbizzy" person he knows.

We want to be in their gang.

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