Aiden Grimshaw Is This Love video doesn’t have any Aiden Grimshaw in it

We have been playing Aiden Grimshaw's new single 'Is This Love' on repeat since it was first debuted and so we're very excited that the VIDEO has finally landed.

But we're sulking a little after discovering that the video for new track 'Is This Love' doesn't actually have any Aiden Grimshaw in it.

Watch Aiden Grimshaw's Is This Love VIDEO here

The X Factor star - who we reckon is destined for huge things with this haunting track - is absent from the three minute clip.

Instead, we hear Aiden Grimshaw's uh-mazing voice while a dramatic relationship plays out between two lovers.

Watch Aiden Grimshaw's Is This Love VIDEO here

There's passionate snogging, chain smoking, vodka-from-the-bottle drinking and furniture throwing.

Aiden Grimshaw's video is full of passionate snogging but no Aiden

The lead guy is not too dissimilar to Mr Grimshaw, with his hoodie, spiky hair and stubble.

And don't get us wrong, we're already feeling emosh at how good the video is.

But where oh where is the lovely Aiden Grimshaw?

Watch Aiden Grimshaw's Is This Love VIDEO here

The single, which is out June 3, was written by Aiden and is the first release from his debut album 'Misty Eye' which will be released August 13.

It's bound to be good as it's all original music, co-written by Aiden Grimshaw and produced by Jarrad Rogers, who's worked with Lana Del Rey and Tinchy Stryder no less.

We can't wait.

Aiden appeared on X Factor back in 2010 along with winner Matt Cardle, One Direction, Cher Lloyd and Rebecca Ferguson.

But while each of his fellow contestants has released music in the past two and a half years, Aiden Grimshaw has taken his time before releasing his debut single. And we reckon it's well worth the wait.