Adele to sing at Jennifer Aniston’s wedding, that Oscars meeting can’t have been so awks after all

Adele has reportedly been asked to sing at Jennifer Aniston's wedding to Justin Theroux.

Adele adores Jen appaz. Copyright: [Getty]

An gobby insider spilled the beans to Look magazine, saying that Jen had asked Adele and said she would be 'honoured' if she could make it.

Puts a whole new, fabulous spin on The Wedding Singer, doesn't it?

"Adele absolutely adores Jen," an insider told Look. "Jen mentioned to her that the [wedding] would be around her and Justin's anniversary in May."

'Oh HI Adele, would you sing at my wedding? TA.' Copyright: [Getty]

"She told Adele she should come along, and that she'd be honoured if she'd sing at the reception. I'm sure Adele was really flattered and said she'd think about it."

Well, after you've performed at the Oscars and the Golden Globes, Jennifer Aniston's would be a bit of an optional extra.

Jennifer and Justin plan to get hitched very soon! Copyright: [getty]

It's also believed that new Mum Adele has been talking babies with the reportedly broody JenAn.

"Adele is such a proud mum," they said. "Jen's been quite open in the past about being broody and wanted to hear all the details of how the first four months have been for her friend.

"Adele admitted that it's exhausting, but she says it's totally worth it."

So we guess that 'awkward' meeting on the Oscars red carpet wasn't so awks after all?

The rumour was that Jennifer didn't know who Adele was when she waved to her.

Turns out, everyone knows who Adele is ESPECIALLY Jennifer Aniston!

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