Adele has Justin Bieber fever…who’d have thought it?!

We've heard of some odd celeb pairings in our time, but Adele and Justin Beiber might just take the biscuit.

Adele has revealed that she has a little crush on little Biebs. Speaking to The Sun, she explained: "I am a Bieber needer. I met him and he was very sweet."

She went on to say that if she was a bit younger she'd be hooking up with the pint-sized pop-star. "If I was 14 or 15 I think I would be well on it. I'd get on it."

We reckon Justin would appreciate a woman being that forward.

However, Adele has dashed all our hopes of being the new Mrs Bieber (soz Selena Gomez) by concluding "It's probably illegal for me to fancy him anyway."

Hmm, maybe he is a bit TOO much of a toyboy.