Adam Lambert and Alexandra Burke are new BFFs

Oh how we love a blossoming celebrity friendship and the latest stars to show some showbiz love are none other than Adam Lambert and Alexandra Burke.

Alexandra Burke Adam LambertAlexandra Burke and Adam Lambert are new BFFs. Copyright [PR]

The pair met for the first time at the Rays of Sunshine Charity Concert at the Royal Albert Hall last Thursday.

And according to our sources they were BFFing almost instantly.

American Idol star Adam Lambert tweeted his love for Alexandra Burke after watching her perform posting: "@alexandramusic SING Girl! Listening to you kill it!! Great to meet you!!"

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And X Factor singer Alexandra Burke sent the love right back at him tweeting: "Thank u so much Suga! So lovely to meet u!!! Xx"

Both are now following each other on Twitter. Obvs.

And Alex EVEN bagged herself a signed copy of his new album 'Trespassing'. Now THAT'S what we call BFF material.

And as our exclusive backstage shot shows, they've even snuggled up together for a Twitpic.


Reckon Alexandra Burke's other BFF One Direction's Niall Horan will get jel?