Adam Lambert album ‘Trespassing’: Exclusive Preview

We were lucky enough to have a FIRST LISTEN to the new Adam Lambert album 'Trespassing' yesterday. Set for release on March 19, the five songs we sampled left us tapping our toes under our desks, bopping at our computers and holding back gracing the office with an entire set of dance moves.

Here's what we thought in a nutshell:

The one you'll want to party to: Cuckoo
Co-written by Bonnie McKee (of Katy Perry and Britney songwriting fame) this electro-pop track has a catchy chorus, strong rhythm and makes you want to get up and dance. We had to hold ourselves back from busting into some serious moves at the desk. Perfect for a Friday night.

The one that sounds like Queen: Trespassing
Adam performed with Queen at the MTV EMAs in Belfast last year and this track, co-produced with Pharrell Williams, has got the influence of the legendary band written all over. In some of the heavy clapping parts you'd be mistaken for thinking for a second you were listening to 'We Will Rock You'. It has a heavy, distinct beat and really got under our skin.

The sexy one: Shady
Full of cool beats, heavy breathing and a slower tempo this tune, which features Sam Sparro and Nile Rogers takes a rather different turn to the previous two. Lyrics like "take me underground" and "get my kicks" complete the sultry, dark feeling.

The dark one: Broken English
Also a Sam Sparro co-written track and the one we least enjoyed but perhaps because we were so taken aback by the first three our expectations were huge. A slower, more haunting feel, which builds to a dark crescendo. If the album is split into two (upbeat v introspective) then this fits with the latter.

The one that will give you goosebumps: Outlaws of Love
We were told this track is all about Adam's personal struggles and it's certainly a very honest creation. Our favourite of the five, and the one that most shows off his amazing voice - and range. It's an introspective ballad with resonating lyrics like "You've branded us enough outlaws of love/Everywhere we go we're looking for the sun" that will leave you feeling goosebumpy and chilled - but not unhappy.