• In her previous video, she dressed up as a hot dog.
    Lily Allen's latest video Sheezus see's her impersonating one of Avatar's Na-Vi. Copyright [Rex/Youtube]
    And this time around, Lily Allen has channeled her inner Avatar's Na-Vi for her latest single, ‘Sheezus’.

    Seriously though, she blends right in with the inhabitants of Pandora..

    Lily Allen could be eying up a role in Avatar 2. Copyright [Youtube/Rex]

    ANYWAY, back to the subject in hand.

    The 29-year-old star’s psychedelic music video is the title track from her upcoming third studio album, which she describes as an homage to Kanye’s West’s record Yeezus.

    The tongue and cheek lyrics has many a name check, including: “RiRi isn’t scared of Katy Perry's roaring, Queen B’s going back to the drawing,” and, “we’re all watching Gaga…dying for the art so really she’s a martyr.”

    However, before you suggest she’s taking a swipe at her fellow pop princesses, Lily recently explained to Rolling Stone that this was most certainly not the case.

    [Lily Allen forced to tone down her risque show]
    [Lily Allen wees in the road then Instagrams it]

    She said: "I don’t like being compared to other people because I’m quite aware that there

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  • Beyoncé And Jay Z Splash Out On £5.5 Million Townhouse In London

    Brace yourself... they're coming to Blighty!

    They're one of America's most influential music couples.

    Beyonce And Jay Z have just completed on a London pas. Copyright [WENN]

    And it looks like Beyoncé and Jay Z aren't happy with taking over the US with their on-stage gyrating and pop power tracks... they've got they're minds set on world domination.

    The couple have reportedly splashed the cash on a brand new London pad and are planning to up sticks and move to across the pond for part of the year - and we're blimmin' excited.

    [ Beyoncé Shows Off Amazing Abs In Cropped Top And Leggings - Yes, We're Jel ]

    [ Beyonce Has Clearly NOT Photoshopped a 'Thigh Gap' On To Herself, CALM DOWN ]

    A source told The Mirror that Bey and Jay love England SO MUCH that they've just spent £5.5 million on a luxury detached townhouse.

    Queen Bey and Jay Z are swapping NYC for SW4. Copyright [REX]

    The insider said: "Both Jay and Beyonce are Anglophiles and have been toying with the idea of getting a pad for a couple of years now.

    “On previous trips, they have stayed in five star hotels and, on one occasion, a rented mansion.

    "While money isn’t an issue, it makes sense for them to have a

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  • She’s known for her pop-grunge sound.
    Avril Lavigne has released her Hello Kitty video. And it's a bit odd. Copyright [Youtube]
    But Avril Lavinge has more than changed up her musical style on new single ‘Hello Kitty,’ with the accompanying music video dividing fans on the Twittersphere.

    The 29-year-old’s wholly insane video, shot on location in Tokyo, sees Avril singing in both English and Japanese, dressed in a cupcake skirt and leather bodice.

    Joined by a group of harajuku girls, Avril leads a group dance (yes, Avril now dances) before falling back to her faithful guitar.

    Fun Fact Time: The song was co-written by Avril and her husband, Nickelback lead man Chad Kroeger.

    While Avril was clearly very happy with the video, tweeting it to her 15.6 million followers yesterday, critics on Twitter were divided.
    Avril Lavigne divided opinion with the video. Copyright [Youtube]
    One user wrote: “Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty" video is a nightmare. A nightmare!”

    While another wrote: “Not to be cynical or anything but I'm actually pretty sure that Hello Kitty by @AvrilLavigne is actually the OPPOSITE of music.”

    [Miley Cyrus and Avril Lavigne fight over who

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  • Selena Gomez Dumps Justin Bieber After He 'Grew Close' To Kylie Jenner At Coachella

    The popstar chucked her boyf after suspecting he is more than just pals with the Kardashian sister

    They’ve split up yet again.

    Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have split AGAIN! Copyright: [Twitter]

    Selena Gomez has reportedly dumped Justin Bieber after he ‘grew close’ to Kylie Jenner.

    According to the Sun on Sunday, the popstar is convinced that her boyf had something more than just friendship going on with the Kardashian sister during Coachella.

    And Selena is so absolutely fuming that she did the unthinkable and UNFOLLOWED Kylie on Twitter.

    Kylie and Selena were best pals at Coachella it seemed. Copyright:[Instagram]

    A pal of the 21-year-old said: “Selena is convinced something has gone on between Justin and Kylie.

    “At Coachella they looked to be back on track. Selena was hanging out with Kylie too and they were behaving like best friends.

    Coachella 2014: Kendall and Kylie Jenner spent the day with Selena Gomez. Copyright [Instagram]

    Indeed, we did see plenty of pics of their smiley faces loving life and generally making us all jealous.

    Selena has since deleted all the pictures of her with the sisters from her account.

    “Then she heard stuff about Justin and Kylie and felt totally betrayed. She went berserk and called it all off again,” the source added.

    “Selena is in a really bad place at the moment — she’s on the edge

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  • Minnie Driver Hits Back At Bikini Body Jibes By Posting Naked Picture Online. Twitter Explodes.

    She certainly knows how to silence her critics

    She briefly quit Twitter after coming under fire by online trolls.
    Minnie Driver hit back at criticism over her amazing bikini body. Copyright [Splash]
    But now Minnie Driver has silenced those who cruelly critiqued her bikini body on the social networking site – by posting a very raunchy naked picture of herself.

    The 44-year-old actress shared a snap of a recent photshoot in Allure magazine in which she posed totally starkers alongside Kristen Bell.

    She captioned the picture: “If you want people to stop taking about how you look in a bikini, let them see you naked. It tends to shut them up:)”

    Good work Minnie, well done.

    [Minnie Driver quits Twitter over cruel trolls]

    The stunning actress found herself a target of trolls earlier this month after she was snapped by paps while holidaying with her family.

    Upset by the cruel comments the images garnered (we still have no idea why they were

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  • She loves a good rummage in the dressing up box.

    Katy Perry transforms into Goldie Dancer - look at those boobs! Copyright [Supplied by WENN]

    But now Katy Perry has taken her love for fancy dress to a whole new, crazy level - and it's got us questioning reality.

    The pop superstar is pretty much unrecognisable in a preview clip from brand new video for Birthday as she dons some *very* clever prosthetics to transform herself.

    [ Miley Cyrus to Katy Perry: Worry About John Mayer's Tongue, Not Mine! ]

    [ Katy Perry 'Starts Dating' Diplo After Split From John Mayer ]

    We're pretty much blown away by the how totally and utterly different the newly-single star looks as she turns herself into a old woman, a Jewish entertainer and a clown aka The World's Worst Party Entertainers.

    Katy Perry is totally unrecognisable as Yosef Shulem. Copyright [Supplied by WENN]

    While it's all just a *little* bit creepy, we're pretty darn impressed with Katy's acting skills in the clip... which will soon be turned into a full-length vid for the single.

    In the teaser, the popstar takes on the identity of a number of different entertainers... and they're not the best looking bunch.


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  • Vicky Pattinson Slates Gemma Collins, Says She Is 'Rude' And 'Out Of Order'

    The Geordie Shore star has proper gone off on one about the TOWIE regular

    It’s reality TV warfare!

    *ding ding* It's Gemma Collins vs. Vicky Pattinson! Copyright: [Splash]

    Geordie Shore’s Vicky Pattinson has laid into Gemma Collins called her ‘rude’ after she reportedly blanked her at an event.

    The lady whose mainly famous for shedding a whole load of her own body weight told Digital Spy how she was shocked when Gemma apparently ‘didn’t even say hello’.

    "There were a lot of celebs there, loads of Made in Chelsea and TOWIE people who could not have been sweeter or more down to Earth,” Vicky told the site, adding:

    "Then Gemma Collins walked in and she was very rude, didn't socialise with anyone else and thought she owned the place. She didn't even say hello.”

    Maybe she was feeling shy?

    Gemma Collins is apparently very rude! Copyright [Rex]

    "I've never seen her since, thank God. I don't think we'd have much to talk about. She doesn't seem to be my cup of tea at all... Everyone else is really lovely, but it seems like Gemma must have a chip on her shoulder."

    Vicky then took the time to back her claims, saying that  staff at the restaurant she also said that Gem was al of the above.


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  • Britain's Got Talent's Lettice Rowbothom: Simon Cowell Just Loves Women Who Can Fiddle!

    We chat to the violinist about Simon, poshness and exactly why she turned down Made in Chelsea

    He certainly had a twinkle in his eye when she appeared on the stage Saturday night.

    Lettice Rowbotham caught Simon's attention Saturday night. Copyright [ITV/WENN]

    However, Lettice Rowbothom insists that Simon Cowell is not her type even though she appreciates him as admirer!

    Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Celebrity this morning, the posh violinist told us: “I’m sure Simon Cowell likes women who can fiddle and I am very flattered by that!

    “But I think that I might be a little too young for him. Not my type though, I think it’s the er, ear lobes!”

    At which point she burst into lots of quite frankly, frightening laughing.

    She also brought us an actual lettuce to remember her by:

    Lettice Rowbothom brought us a lettuce. We were very happy as we are sure you can imagine. Copyright: [Celeb]

    Did we mention we kind of love this girl?

    We also chatted to Lettice about why exactly she turned down the chance to appear on Made in Chelsea.

    The 24-year-old told us she wants to be known for her music rather than just ‘running around’.

    “I think the show is great and the characters are lovely – I love Mark Francis and I think that Jamie Laing is really fun – and Francis Boulle, oh he is amazing!

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  • Ashley Roberts’ Six Second Interview: I'd Snog Justin Bieber

    But who would she marry and who would she avoid?

    She may have survived Bushtucker trials and sitting next to Jason Gardiner for weeks on end.
    Ashley Roberts takes on the six second interview.
    But how would former Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts fair during Yahoo Celebrity’s Six Second Interview?

    Ten questions, six seconds to answer each, and no second chances.

    Take it away, Ash.
    Ashley Roberts took on our Six Second Interview. Copyright [Rex]
    Question One: Describe your brand spanking new single Clockwork

    We like a girl who is straight to the point.

    Question Two: What three things do you look for in a guy?

    Consider yourselves told, single men of the world.

    Question Three: Show us your secret talent

    Impressive stuff, Ash….

    Question Four: If you were a hashtag what would it be?

    Nout wrong with a bit of cheese in our books.

    Question Five: Show us the key to the perfect selfie

    She’s a pro.

    Question Six: Snog, Marry, Avoid – Simon Cowell, Justin Bieber, Kanye West?

    Let's hope Simon Cowell isn't reading this..

    Question Seven: Would you rather be ten feet tall or ten feet wide?

    Solid choice.

    Question Eight: What song would you pick if you could only listen to one for

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  • Millie Mackintosh Squeezes In One Last Bikini Picture From Coachella, Urgh...

    Professor Green's wife shows off her bikini body one last time after her festival weekend

    Look away now if you've eaten loads of Creme Eggs.

    Millie Mackintosh gets the last of the summer rays in following her Coachella weekend. Copyright (Instagram)

    Millie Mackintosh has already thoroughly documented her weekend at Coachella for us - videos, selfies, too many filters to mention.

    So it's only natural that she'd end her desert escape diary with another bikini picture.

    Showing off her bikini body one final time, the 24-year-old slipped into a teeny-tiny white two-piece to pose beneath a rubber ring following her weekend festivities, adding: "Catching some last desert rays."

    Checking out last night, Millie posted one last snap with hubby Professor Green in front of the infamous ACE Hotel sign, sporting a pair of denim shorts for their ride back to LA.

    Professor Green and Millie Mackintosh posed for their last Coachella snap in front of the ACE Hotel sign.

    She added: "It's been emotional! #ace #palmsprings #coachella ... Next stop LA 🌴🌴🌴"

    But that wasn't the end of the partying for the pair, who bumped into Caroline Flack as they attended an Arcade Fire show late last night.

    Posing for a snap with Cazza outside LA's Roxy, Millie showed off her legs again in a black split skirt, white cropped top

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