10 Reasons to fancy Rupert Grint

Rupert GrintRupert Grint turns 23 today *HAPPY BIRTHDAY*! But despite his world-wide fame and millions in the bank, opinion is still very much divided as to whether he's  a hottie or a nottie.

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Whatever side you're on, omg! wanted to use the red-head's special day as an excuse to celebrate Rupert and hopefully convince the doubters that he really is worth a spot on your lust list. To help add more weight on our argument, we took to Twitter to ask fans why they find the Harry Potter actor so irresistible…

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1. He's a laid back lovely
Rupert shuns most of the showbiz scene in favour of a quieter life away from the flashbulbs, something Sweetestmoonuk and Giggles_in_love approve of.

2. The man is perfect at posing
While every actor should employ their face to entertain, Rupert can manipulate his muscles into comical stances with katiebushnall citing Rupert's facial expressions as getting her going.

3. He has a beautiful brain

Rupert is incredibly witty and surprisingly quiet and humble, according to linhairani. But when we saw him at V Festival at the weekend we thought the same!

4. It's his look of love
lauraakate97 puts her reason for obsessing about RG pretty simply - it's all about his eyes.

5. His mouth does the talking
With full lips that look oh so kissable, omg! would love to know what it feels like to kiss Rupert. Ennr is a lot less full on than us and told us Rupert has the biggest, most sweetest smile of all time!
Rupert GrintSeparated at birth: Rupert and Mr omg! are both beautiful red heads
6. He sells ice cream

Yes, you read that right. Rupert owns an ice cream van and wants to sell frozen treats to the massives. CarinaFischer approves of this and went as far as saying Ruper 'just lights me up' okay then…

7. He's simply irresistible
Well according to GeorgiaaCrouch he is gorgeous end of.

8. Ginger rules
Ok, so being a red head doesn't need to define RG but it does make his stand out and that's exactly why McFreak12, taaay_xx and theredwitch all adore him. In taaay_xx's words, Rupert's being ginger is the cherry on top.

9. He wears great threads
Super fans extraordinaire, rupertgrintnet have given us five fabulous reasons but his wardrobe is a new excuse to develop a crush: Well of course there's the ginger hair! His smile! His unique sense of humor! His t-shirt collection! His laidback demeanor.

10. He matches Mr omg!
Seeing as omg! is orange and Mr omg! is also of the same hair-colour family we love RG and welcome him into our ginger clan.