Harry Styles lands himself a blonde beauty as One Direction invite fans to party on their tour bus in Oslo

It looks like Harry Styles may have landed himself a new girl after he and his One Direction band mates invited a group of fans to party with them on their tour bus in Oslo.

Harry Styles looks smitten with new girl Camilla Foss as the two party in Oslo. Copyright [Twitter]And this time around, she’s age appropriate – hooray!

The 19-year-old singer can be seen in a snap uploaded to Twitter by a party goer with 18-year-old fan Camilla Foss.

Don’t they make a cute couple?

According to The Sun, Harry met Camilla while she was enjoying dinner at the band’s hotel in Norway and was not long after invited by him to party on their tour bus.

A source told the paper: “Harry was overjoyed to get the invite to jump on the bus with screaming fans.

“There were loads of girls pawing him, but he focused on Camilla. It got pretty sweaty in there.”

And apparently the two have even exchanged numbers with the source adding: “Fans are saying they’ve been seen kissing and she’s been spotted at his hotel.”

Harry Styles admitted that he never gets tired of screaming female fans. Copyright [Splash]Speaking about the party bus, Harrry said: “As soon as I got on there were three beer cans over my head and people screaming, ‘Welcome to Norway!’”

And it seems that Harry is yet to grow bored of his adoring female fans, admitting: “I never tire of screaming girls.”

Harry isn’t the only famous pop star that Camilla has partied with in Oslo this year, however, with the paper alleging that she also hung out with Justin Bieber last month.

It would seem that there is most certainly something about Camilla.

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