Daft Punk without their masks: How one photo on The Knocks Facebook page got completely out of hand

The musical end of the internet exploded when electronic music duo The Knocks posted a photograph on their Facebook page of Daft Punk without their iconic helmets on.

Daft Punk unmasked playing beer pong at Sony's offices [Image courtesy of Stacy Lambe's Tumblr via Gawker]

The Knocks rapidly took steps to remove the picture from their page but it was far too late, with a screen grab quickly appearing on Stacey Lambe's Tumblr. The Knocks have now spent the better part of today reassuring anyone who will listen that they didn't take the picture and that the image was already circulating online when they found it.

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The photograph depicts Daft Punk, real names Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, in all of their non-android glory playing a round of  beer pong (the classy champagne edition naturally) at Sony's offices. Unmasked at last! They thought they wouldn't have to be celebrities, well we've caught them now! Right?

Despite insistence to the contrary it's actually long been possible to find the men behind the masks if you wanted to. Simple Google searches for either of the artist's real names yields a gargantuan amount of results. There are even galleries out there dedicated to compiling images of the duo unmasked!

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Daft Punk in happier masked times.

The fact is Bangalter and Homem-Christo may shy away from the limelight but they have never achieved the levels of anonymity of some of their peers (for example music collective The Residents or artist Banksy). The duo even used to pose for publicity photos without the masks before the 'robots' concept was introduced. So not quite the grand unmasking the picture is being described as.

That being said, it's nice to have a bit more evidence that underneath the mask they're a pair of slightly scruffy, mildly bored looking humans after all.

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