• As if we didn't love Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and their gorgeous family enough, Ang and two of her children were absolutely ruddy adorable at last night's Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards and have made our hearts feel all kinds of gooey.

    Angelina, ten-year-old Zahara, and eight-year-old Shiloh, who now goes by the name John, were the picture perfect family at the ceremony last night, with both kids unable to contain their excitement when their mum won the Best Movie Villain blimp for her role in Maleficent, with the 39-year-old humanitarian going on to deliver a seriously inspirational speech.

    AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST?! Copyright: [Getty]AREN'T THEY JUST THE CUTEST?! Copyright: [Getty]

    Marking her first public appearance since she had her ovaries removed in preventative surgery, Ang took to the stage in front of the child-heavy audience and gushed as she accepted her award: "If you don't fit in, don't sit still, don't ever try and be less than what you are.

    "And if somebody tells you that you are different, smile and hold your head up high and be proud."

    Gulp. Anybody else

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  • A very poorly Katie Piper has reached out to thank her supporters after she was left hospitalised following complications from a throat operation.

    The TV presenter took to Twitter yesterday, dubbing the hospital "the best place for her" at the moment after she was forced to miss her daughter Belle's first birthday party due to her illness.

    Katie Piper was forced to miss Belle's first birthday :( Copyright [Instagram/Katie Piper]Katie Piper was forced to miss Belle's first birthday :( Copyright [Instagram/Katie Piper]

    Katie's oesophagus was torn earlier this month when she was undergoing surgery to have scar tissue removed after a 2008 acid attack, with the tear causing her extreme pain, vomiting, and resulted in her losing a stone in just two weeks.

    The star shared: "I went in for a routine operation to remove scar tissue from my attack but there were complications.

    "I was discharged but started to deteriorate.

    "It's been very painful and I've lost a stone in fifteen days so I had to come in and be monitored.

    Katie with her fiance. Copyright: [Instagram]Katie with her fiance. Copyright: [Instagram]

    "A stone is a lot and I look like a skeleton but hope to be back home and back to normal ASAP - all fun and games."

    Taking to Twitter, the mum-of-one

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  • Earlier this week Dermot O'Leary announced that he wouldn't be returning for the next series of The X Factor after eight long years of presenting the show, and now it looks like veteran judge, Louis Walsh, could also be facing the boot.


    Is it time to say goodbye to Lou-Lou? Copyright: [Getty]Is it time to say goodbye to Lou-Lou? Copyright: [Getty]

    Word on the street is that the 62-year-old, who has been a constant judge on the show since it began way back in 2004, is being ousted in favour of Take That star Robbie Williams, and we're not entirely sure how we feel about it to be honest.

    An insider told The Daily Star: "Simon Cowell is planning major changes for this year’s X Factor and one of them is getting rid of Louis.

    “It is not 100% finalised yet but Simon knows he needs to make the show current and credible and Louis no longer ticks that box.

    Poor Louis :( Copyright: [Tumblr]Poor Louis :( Copyright: [Tumblr]

    “It is hard for him personally as they are great friends. But the decision is all but done.”

    Ouch, need we remind you what happened last time you sacked Lou, Si? Back in

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  • As if we hadn't had enough drama in the One Direction fandom lately, a new girl has come forward to claim that she'd bedded the glorious Zayn Malik TWICE in Thailand before the singer jetted back to the UK and sensationally quit the band.

    Hmmmm, is it just us or are these 'cheating rumours' starting to get just a litttttle bit repetitive?

    Zayn with Martina (on the right). Copyright: [Instagram]Zayn with Martina (on the right). Copyright: [Instagram]

    24-year-old Martina Olsson has insisted that she was invited back to 1D's villa, where Zayn appaz told her "I want you now" before whisking her upstairs to his bedroom with absolutely no mention of his fiancee, Perrie Edwards.

    It all sounds ever so slightly like a fan fic, but let's hear her out anyways.

    Speaking to The Sun, Martina revealed: "He didn't mention anything to me about having a fiancee, he was really flirtatious."

    She went on to add that she was dancing in Seduction nightclub on March 16 when Louis Tomlinson's security guard, Alberto Alvarez, hand-picked her from the crowd and invited her into the VIP area where Lou was partying with

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  • Lucy Mecklenburgh Looks Pretty Abs-Tastic At The Moment, Right?

    The former TOWIE star has been busy flaunting her banging bod over on Instagram

    As we were sat at our desks tucking into our fourth KitKat Chunky of the day, the slammin' hotties of the Home Counties were busy focusing on their fitness and showing off all over Instagram. The main offender? Work-out enthusiast and former TOWIE bird, Lucy Mecklenburgh.

    Seriously though, how are abs like that even POSSIBLE?!

    Good lord. Copyright: [Instagram]Good lord. Copyright: [Instagram]

    Now you might not have noticed, but good old Lucy Meck currently has a fitness DVD out,
    entitled 'Results With Lucy' - and it would seem that the endless stomach crunches and snaking on dust has really given our Lucy the results she's been so desperately looking for.

    Lucy stripped down to her underwear for the cheeky Instagram snap, getting teenage boys (and a few girls too we imagine) across the inter-web a little hot under the proverbial collar.

    Not staged at all. Copyright: [Instagram]Not staged at all. Copyright: [Instagram]

    In-between posting such racy snaps on Instagram, the 23-year old has been busy dishing out fitness advice to former pal Lauren Goodger – advice that we can imagine probably went down like a lead balloon.

    Speaking in an

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  • To be honest, Kim Kardashian has pretty much got a body to die for. A 'curvalicious mama' if you will. But after hearing all about the lengths she goes to to maintain her bangin' bod – well, it just sounds like too much hard work to us.

    Kim's pal – the interestingly-named 'Premadonna' – is the owner of the 'Waist Gang Society', and whilst it might sound like some sort of Freemason-esque Illuminati group, it is in fact a company that spends most of it's time extolling the virtues of 'Waist Trainers'.

    Looks, er, nice and snug? Copyright: [Instagram]Looks, er, nice and snug? Copyright: [Instagram]

    Or basically 'corsets', as our Victorian forbears would have put it.

    Anyway, Premadonna has been banging on to the boys and girls at Grazia magazine about how Kimbo is thoroughly obsessed with her 'waist trainer' – and uses it to maintain the definition on her world-famous curves and portly posterior:

    "Kim uses the trainer to lose weight but also to maintain her shape. It slims the waist which emphasises the bottom too. She's obsessed with it."

    "The waist trainers are made from a combination of

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  • TOWIE's Dan Osborne Reunited WIth Son Teddy For First Time Since Tape Leak

    After a second taped recording emerged of the TOWIE star ranting at his ex, Dan seemed happy to be with his son.

    It looks like the bitter row between Dan Osborne and his ex, Megan Tomlin, might FINALLY be coming to an end, after the TOWIE star posted a series of snaps on Instagram with his son, Teddy, yesterday.

    In one picture, Dan gushed: "Sooo happy I now have this every single week" – hinting that he might have come to some sort of arrangement with Teddy's mum Megan over custody.

    N'aww what a cutie! Copyright: [Instagram]N'aww what a cutie! Copyright: [Instagram]

    Dan, who recently became a father for the second time with his girlfriend – EastEnders actress Jacqueline Jossa – posted a video of 14-month-old Teddy playing in his home with the caption: "Last night I think Teddy chose his sport.. Couldn't get enough of the basketball".

    It looks as if this saga might be FINALLY coming to an end, then?

    It was the first time Dan has seen his son since a SECOND tape emerged of Dan verbally attacking his ex, Megan.

    Sporty like his Dad, eh? Copyright: [Instagram]Sporty like his Dad, eh? Copyright: [Instagram]

    In the leaked audio footage, which was published by The Sun on Sunday after a friend reportedly handed it over, Dan is rowing with Megan about her involvement with other men

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  • Michelle Keegan Opens Up About Her Wild Hen Night Plans

    The 'Ordinary Lies' actress is set to marry her fiancée Mark Wright later this year

    Oh Michelle Keegan. We'd be here all ruddy day if we were to list EVERY single reason why we love and adore you, but for now we'll just leave it at 'you're the aesthetically pleasing, northern big sister we've always wanted'.

    And our favourite girl crush du jour was back on our screens last night, as she sat down with funny-man Alan Carr to talk about her upcoming nuptials to the pec-tastic Mark Wright – as well as spilling the beans on her hen night.

    Oh HEYYY Michelle. Copyright: [Channel 4]Oh HEYYY Michelle. Copyright: [Channel 4]

    Now we LOVE a hen night here at Yahoo HQ, especially one that involved penis-straws, a stripper, several shots of tequila and a lingering feeling of shame and regret the next day – and from the sounds of it, The Keegs' hen bash is set to be right up our street.

    After revealing that she's already had a smaller 'do' with her family (tbh you wouldn't want your Nan witnessing you sing “Push It” by Salt N Pepa with half a bottle of Zinfandel down your front), Alan asked Michelle: "Are you going to have one of those raucous ones where you end up

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  • Zayn Malik To Release Debut Solo Album In 2016?

    Erm, could it maybe come a little sooner please?

    What a week it's been for poor old Zayn Malik eh? After sensationally quitting One Direction earlier this week, the boy with the most perfect cheekbones in pop said that he'd be embarking on a solo career in the near future, after taking a bit of a break from being one of the most in-demand people on the planet.

    And it turns out that Zayn-o will be plying his wares on the same record label as his former bandmates – Simon Cowell's Syco.

    Copyright: [Getty]Copyright: [Getty]

    Apparently, the X Factor boss and dark lord of the music world made a deal with Zayn, whereby he was allowed to leave the group's contract early – with the condition that his debut solo album will be released on Simon's label.

    Oooh, he's a crafty little man that Simon Cowell, isn't he?

    Speaking to The Sun, an 'insider' said: "Zayn is now the most in-demand solo artist in the world. There's huge excitement as he's the first member who will be able to release on their own.”

    "Simon was very understanding about him leaving the band but quickly made it clear he

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  • Are Olly Murs And Caroline Flack Set To Replace Dermot On The X Factor?

    The pair, who used to host The Xtra Factor together, are rumoured to be making a return

    We've just about managed to drag ourselves out from under the covers and used up our last packet of Kleenex - after being dealt the blow yesterday that our beloved Dermot O'Leary won't be returning to The X Factor this year.

    But guess who MIGHT be coming in to replace our favourite hip-shaking Dad-dancer? None other than tight-trousered lothario Olly Murs and high-kicking tango enthusiast Caroline Flack.

    Olly Murs and Caroline Flack COULD be making a return to our screens. YAY! Copyright: [Getty]Olly Murs and Caroline Flack COULD be making a return to our screens. YAY! Copyright: [Getty]

    YES! Rejoice boys and girls, for our favourite Xtra-Factor presenters of all time (apols, Konnie Huq) COULD be returning to our screens for the big-time presenting gig.

    Sources told The Sun yesterday that Simon Cowell had been in secret meetings with Olly and Caroline to discuss them both hosting the prime-time ITV show, and that if the pair agree to it, it'll be quite the 'coup':

    "Simon has secretly met with Olly and Caroline. They're all fully on board."

    "Olly is very much the new Dermot. It's a huge coup because of his music commitments, but he feels he owes Simon his entire career

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