• She gave us a taste of her hilare new video earlier in the week.

    Katy Perry gives an old man a lap dance in full prosthetics. Copyright [VEVO]

    But nothing could prepare us for how far Katy Perry was prepared to go in the full-length vid for single 'Birthday', transforming herself into 'bad party entertainers'.

    The pop princess explores her *very* cheeky side as she actually pranks a number of fans in full fancy dress... and they have literally NO IDEA who she is.

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  • It's difficult to keep your sense of humour when you're giving birth.

    But A-lister Olivia Wilde seems to have managed just fine, posting a series of hilarious tweets just hours after welcoming baby Otis into the world.

    The House star seemed on fine form despite her the fact that she'd only just birthed out a blimmin' person... which is pretty much why we love her.

    [ Pregnant Olivia Wilde distracts from baby bump with designer bags ]

    [ Olivia Wilde Gives Birth; Cradles Son In Touching Pic ]

    Not long after her little one had been born, the 30-year-old tweeted a super cute snap of him cuddled up under her chin making us SERIOUSLY BROODY.


    But instead of posting a soppy message like

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  • Roberto Cavalli, 73, Frolics On The Beach With His 20-Something Girlfriend In Matching Swimwear

    Fashion designer and his young girlfriend enjoy a day on Miami beach together

    It's not like he hasn't got access to any swimwear design he desires.

    But fashion designer Roberto Cavalli still opted to match his swimwear with his girlfriend's bikini for their Miami beach getaway.

    Roberto Cavalli and his 20-something girlfriend soaked up the sunshine in Miami. Copyright (Splash)

    Roberto Cavalli seems much happier now, having split from his wife in 2008. Copyright (Splash)

    Both hitting the sunshine on the coast of Florida, 73-year-old Roberto slipped into a pair of dark blue leopard trunks, while his 20-something girlfriend Lina Nilson wore a Just Cavalli rainbow leopard bikini.

    Frolicking on the sand in their his 'n' hers matchies, the happy couple looked super loved up in the sunshine, stopping for a dip in the sea before sauntering back to their sunbeds.

    Roberto and Lina, who appear to spend plenty of time living the dream on various beaches across the globe, have been dating since 2008, when he split from his former wife, Eva Cavalli.

    Lina Nilson is like a digital ghost, really, WHO IS SHE? Copyright (Splash)

    Last summer the couple hit the headlines when Lina was snapped hosing down Roberto's trunks (and inside them, awks) following a particularly sandy day at the beach.

    And while we'd normally fill you in on every bit of background

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  • All hail Queen B.
    Beyonce on the cover of Time magazine. Copyright [Time]
    Beyonce has landed herself the cover of Time Magazine’s Most Influential People In The World cover for 2014.

    The 32-year-old superstar made the iconic list alongside the likes of Hilary Clinton, Jeff Bezos and Pope Francis.

    Not exactly bad company to be in…
    Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg penned the profile on the Drunk In Love singer, praising Bey for her authenticity.

    She wrote: “She's the boss.
    Beyonce is 'the boss'. Copyright: [Instagram]
    “Beyonce doesn't just sit at the table. She builds a better one,”

    “Her secret: hard work, honesty and authenticity. And her answer to the question, What would you do if you weren't afraid? appears to be, ‘Watch me. I'm about to do it.’ Then she adds, ‘You can, too.'”

    Beyonce’s appearance on the list shouldn’t come as any real surprise following the huge success of her sell out global Mrs Carter Tour and surprise release last December of her visual self-titled album.

    Beyonce's world tour has been a huge success.

    The first of its kind record shot straight to the top of the Billboard charts despite limited promotion proving the

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  • Kim Kardashian Squeezes Her World Famous Bum Into A Leather Skirt

    Go on, have a gawp. You know you want to.

    We’re not sure who is more famous – Kim or her sizeable rump?

    What's more famous - Kim or her butt?! Copyright: [Splash]

    Kim Kardashian has squeezed her outrageously big bottom into a leather skirt and it’s all anyone is talking about today.

    So let us all take a moment to have a gawp.

    Yep, the lady with possibly the most famous rear end in all of the world was out and about yesterday showing off her best ass-et (see what we did there?!).

    And Kim’s bum is so famous that it even has its own blimmin’ rumours, which is more than can be said for most butts.

    Kim Kardashian wore a leather skirt and the world is now obsessed. Copyright: [Splash]

    Some people reckon that Kim’s derriere is not exactly au natural and has had a helping hand in getting so very er, large.

    Apparently Kanye West loves a bit of junk in the trunk and Kim is determined to get it as big as possible (without it being some sort of huge, comedy bum) in time for her wedding.

    The reality star is reportedly having fat injection, doing an hour of squats a day and has even employed a 'bum tailor' to make sure her clothes fit.

    A source told Grazia: “It’s easy to see Kim’s bottom has

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  • Cher Lloyd Gets Publicist To Hold Up Sign Of Her Name On Red Carpet - Super Awks

    The paps didn't *quite* know who she was at the Hollywood Rocks event

    She might be pretty famous in the UK.

    Cher Lloyd needed a name card so people could recognise her - awks. Copyright [WENN]

    But it seems that Cher Lloyd isn't *quite* as well known across the pond... in fact, even paps need a little reminder of who she is.

    Things got pretty awks for the former X Factor star when she hit the red carpet at the Hollywood Rocks event in LA on Wednesday as the waiting media crowd clearly didn't know who the heck she was.

    [ Cher Lloyd Debuts Newly-Dyed Ombre Locks Just Days After Cheryl Cole ]

    [ Ab-spiration! Cher Lloyd Flashes Taut Stomach On Stage In Detroit ]

    But it seems that Cher's publicist came well prepared for the...erm...embarrassment as she had a handy name card on hand. Phew!

    Cher Lloyd did look pretty unrecognisable in fairness. Copyright [WENN]

    But unfortunately for the 20-year-old, the pretty sizable card was in full view of pretty much everyone as she headed into the party... making it all a WHOLE lot worse.

    It didn't look like Cher had actually noticed what was going on behind her however, and strutted down the carpet like she didn't have a care in the world....adding to the weirdest of the

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  • Madonna Calls Kale 'Gay', World Totally Overreacts

    Madge called a leafy vegetable 'gay' and now some people are now suggesting she is a big ol’ homophobe

    What a commotion over leafy vegetables.

    Madonna isn't a fan of kale. Copyright: [PA]

    Madonna called kale ‘gay’ and now a whole load of people are offended.

    OK, you need some context with that? Well, here it is:

    Madeg was playing a game of word association in which she associated Hillary Clinton “angry” and the Crocs shoe as “effective”.

    Then, when confronted with kale (the world reknowned andmuch respected superfood) she associated it with ‘gay’.

    Well, it is rather fabulous.

    To be fair, it is quite an offensive vegetable. Copyright: [PA]

    And now the world is all up in arms with some sections of it suggesting Madonna is a big ol’ homophobe and was using the term as an insult.

    Maybe Madge just hates kale because it’s biggest advocate is her arch enemy Gwyneth Paltrow?

    Seriously though, we think that this is rather a jump considering the woman is a well know AIDS/HIV activist and just provided the soundtrack to a mass wedding of (yep, you guessed it) gays at the Grammys.

    However, even if she did use the word in a negative sense (which would have been a bit silly, granted) we reckon it’s still not

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  • She's now one of the world's biggest fashion designers.

    Victoria Beckham had on her standard airport outfit at LAX with her kids. Copyright [XPOSUREPHOTOS.COM]

    But despite probably having the most bulging wardrobe on the entire planet (yes, we are jealous) it seems that Victoria Beckham likes to recycle her look just like us normal people.

    The mother-of-four might have access to pricey togs by the most exclusive designers, but she loves to stick with her tried and tested airport outfit when she catches a flight... because, why the hell not?!

    [ Victoria Beckham Gets A Topless David Beckham For Her 40th Birthday ]

    [ Victoria Beckham And Mel B's Massively Awks (And Sweaty) Gym 'Feud ]

    And Victoria was looking just like...well...Victoria as she was spotted heading through LAX with her kids on Thursday.

    Victoria Beckham loves her skinny jeans black top combo. Copyright [REX]

    The star, who has just turned the big 4.0 looked super slimline (as per) in her VERY skintight black skinnies which had big ol rips on the knee.

    Her fave pair of trousers were paired with another VB classic; a loose-fitting black vest top, which accentuated her, frankly, annoyingly amazing

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  • Another day, another pitch perfect outfit.
    Taylor Swift's face knows she looks good. Copyright [Splash]
    Taylor Swift has been snapped out and about in New York reaching new fashion heights.

    We know, somehow she’s managed to out do herself.

    The 24-year-old songstress stepped out dressed in a pair of shorts and shirt combo – but it’s what she did with her accessories that really BLEW OUR MINDS.
    Taylor Swift's socks and hat match has rocked our world. Copyright [Splash]
    Taylor perfectly colour coordinated her maroon knee high socks with her trilby hat.

    We knew she was talented but it would seem there really are no limits to Taylor’s abilities.


    Meanwhile, Taylor has been rumoured to be appearing in HBO hit show Girls after striking up a close friendship with its writer, director and star Lena Dunham.

    Rumours were rife that she was in talks to appear after Lena was pictured leaving Taylor’s TriBeCa apartment on April 14 with a GIANT handbag in tow.
    Lena Dunham was seen leaving Taylor Swift's apartment earlier this month. Copyright [Splash]
    According to Perez Hilton, Lena has now managed to convince Taylor to film a cameo for the next series – with possibility of her role expanding.

    A source told the celebrity blogger:

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  • Rixton Think Alfie Killed Lucy Beale (That’s Not As Random As You Think)

    Meet hot new boy band Rixton whose lead singer might just remind you of a certain Eastenders star

    We interviewed a brand spankin’ new boy band today.

    Meet Rixton! (Charley, Danny, Jake and Lewi). Copyright: [Interscope]

    People, meet Rixton.

    Namely, the boys are Jake Roche, Charley Bagnall, Lewi Morgan and Danny Wilkin, they all totally play their own instruments and write their own songs.

    We also noticed that they are all rather good looking.

    Jake is the one leaning toward the camera with a face like Shane Richie (!). Copyright: [Interscope]

    However, Jake might just look familiar – he certainly did to us.

    This is his Ma:

    Coleen Nolan is Jake's Ma! Copyright: [PA]

    And this is his Pa:

    Shane Richie is Jake's blimmin' Dad! Copyright: [PA]

    You might just recognize them.

    Yep, it only turned out that Rixton’s lead singer is the blimmin’ son of Eastenders’ Shane Richie and notoriously Loose Woman Coleen Nolan!

    It blew our minds, we can assure you.

    21-year-old Jake has been in the showbiz game for a while now, acting in all sorts of shows like Emmerdale before he turned his hand to music.

    He is also keen to distance himself from his Ma and Pa’s fame, saying that he ‘doesn’t want to ride off the back of them’.

    True to say, he didn’t mention his famous folks once in our interview until we found out for ourselves.

    Plus, Rixton have done everything themselves –

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