• Oh, Charlotte Crosby. Your Instagram will never cease to make us laugh, cry, scream or wet ourselves.

    Now we all know that since The Crosby ditched all the 'extra baggage' she'd been carting around, she became VERY fond of a saucy bikini snap.

    OUR EYES. Copyright: [Instagram]OUR EYES. Copyright: [Instagram]

    But bras and bikinis are SOOOO done now, don't you think? And an aspirational young woman like Charlotte needs to keep reaching new heights of selfie-dom.

    So the next best thing? PURE NAKEDNESS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN.

    Yes, the North-East's very own Kim Kardashian-esque figure nearly broke the internet when she posted the aforementioned snap to her page this morning.

    Char's just come back from her hols with the girls. Copyright [Instagram/Holly Hagan]Char's just come back from her hols with the girls. Copyright [Instagram/Holly Hagan]

    Taken during a recent holiday to Cape Verde, Charlotte's got her chiffy-chaff and her norks  strategically covered by her hands.

    Thank god for big palms, eh?

    She captioned it with “#SendMeBackSaturdays Cape Verde #YesImNaked #Soz #Tanlines” - however, despite the #soz there's something about all of this that makes us think she's not very sorry at all.

    SEE, SHE CAN DO 'MODEST' Copyright: [Instagram]SEE, SHE CAN DO 'MODEST' Copyright: [Instagram]

    No stranger to controversy, Char's

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  • Harry Styles Soaks Up The Sun With Chelsea Handler And Debuts New Tattoo?

    Is it a bird? Is It a plane? Probably not as he's already got 339 of each tattooed on him now

    *cue the inevitable 'Harry Styles With Older Woman LOLS!' headlines*

    Whilst the rest of One Direction have been busy swanning around Gatsby-themed balls like it's 2013 all over again, resident shaggy-haired sexual vocalist Harry Styles has been having a little downtime in sunny L.A.

    What a pair. Copyright: [Instagram]What a pair. Copyright: [Instagram]

    And we must say that we heartily approve of the company he's keeping – none other than full-time funny woman and 1D fan Chelsea Handler.

    Who knew that these two were such good buds?!

    Chelsea posted a snap to Instagram earlier of her and Harry relaxing poolside – we say relaxing, Chelsea is on all fours shoving her bum into the camera, which doesn't look very relaxing to us.

    Harry's new BFF - Chelsea Handler. Copyright: [AP]Harry's new BFF - Chelsea Handler. Copyright: [AP]

    To be honest, she's probably just excited because she gets to show off the massive 'HARRY' emblazoned upon her butt-cheeks.

    Please can we be go and drink lots of vodka with this woman immedietly? Harry, you can come too.

    Any excuse to crack this out again. Copyright: [Instagram]Any excuse to crack this out again. Copyright: [Instagram]

    BUT ON TO THE IMPORTANT STUFF – namely, what's going on underneath Hazza's shorts.

    No – not that, you mucky pups, we mean

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  • Kylie Jenner Posts Revealing Bikini Pics And It's A Bit Much

    Looks like shes...er... enjoying herself?

    So Kylie Jenner looks like she's having a swell time of things at the moment, isn't she?

    Our most favourite lip enthusiast of the century took some time out of her busy schedule to  post these modest and subdued snaps to Instagram yesterday, which was a very generous thing of her to do, really.

    OK THEN. Copyright: [Instagram]OK THEN. Copyright: [Instagram]

    We wonder if Kylie is taking photography lessons from her sister Kim?

    The seventeen (!) year-old member of the Kardashian-Jenner collective posted the snaps of her unwinding after a hectic time of it at Coachella.


    The hair-dye and lip-liner aficionado is pictured wearing a navy blue bikini and lounging round the pool, which looks awfully taxing we must say.

    Hot day, is it? Copyright: [Instagram]Hot day, is it? Copyright: [Instagram]

    Attention-shy Kylie recently revealed that she used to suffer from low self-esteem.

    Something which we imagine she must have recovered from by now.

    Speaking to Teen Vogue, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star said:
     "I feel like I've heard the worst anyone can say about me over and over every day. So it's like

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  • Nicki Minaj Nude Photos Leaked On Twitter

    An imposter - claiming to be the rapper Safaree Samuels - posted the pictures yesterday

    Just when you thought people MIGHT take a break from being absolute tools and stop posting private photos of female celebrities all over the internet, lo and behold another batch of snaps gets leaked all over the Twitter-sphere.

    This time it's poor Nicki Minaj who has been targeted, and nobody really knows who is behind it all.

    Poor Nicki. Copyright: [Getty]Poor Nicki. Copyright: [Getty]

    TMZ reported that the pics – described as 'highly sexual' – came from a Twitter account that claimed to be the rapper Safaree Samuels, who also happens to be Nicki's ex-boyfriend.

    But before we all start running to Safaree's house armed with pitchforks and flaming torches, Safaree's stated that the Twitter account isn't his and that he'd never do anything like this to Nicki.

    A rep for Safaree said: “He'd never do anything like this, and he's doing everything he can to shut down the tweeter behind it.”

    Nicki hasn't released a statement yet. Copyright: [Instagram]Nicki hasn't released a statement yet. Copyright: [Instagram]

    Furthermore, the nasty account in question has only got about 3,000 followers – whereas Safaree's ACTUAL account has over 140,000.

    Yeah – looks like this other account

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  • We've suspected for some time now that Louis Tomlinson might be a little Simon Cowell in the making, what with the obsession with TV talent shows and the big mega-bucks business deals (did someone say Doncaster Rovers?)

    But now Yorkshire's most important export of the last five years has gone full-on music mogul on us – by setting up his very own RECORD LABEL.

    Art imitating life? Copyright: [Tumblr]Art imitating life? Copyright: [Tumblr]

    Yes, that bit in the video for 'Best Song Ever' where Lou-Lou's all dressed up as a record company boss? WELL IT'S ONLY GONE AND ACTUALLY HAPPENED, HASN'T IT?!

    According to The Sun, the Louis' label will be an imprint of the Syco label that the One Direction boys are signed to.

    Need an intern, Lou? Copyright: [Tumblr]Need an intern, Lou? Copyright: [Tumblr]

    Louis' first signing was mega-fittie Jack Walton off of last year's X Factor (you might have noticed that they've been hanging out LOADS), with his next act destined to be a girl band.

    Imagine, eh? A Louis Tomlinson-constructed girl band. WATCH OUT MIS-TEEQ.

    <3 Copyright: [Tumblr]

    Louis told the newspaper: “It’s absolutely great to be working with Syco on a label. This is something

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  • Zayn Malik Debuts New SHAVED Hair At First Public Appearance Since Quitting 1D

    His mum was his date, which basically made us cry tears of happiness


    Yes, that's right – Zayn's gone and done a Jessie J and has shorn off his locks and decided to swap it in for a 'Sinead O'Connor'.

    Can we touch it, Mr Malik? Copyright:[Getty]Can we touch it, Mr Malik? Copyright:[Getty]

    Never before have we seen such a beautiful skull.

    To be honest though, with cheekbones like that Zayno could die his hair purple and stick a pineapple on his head and we'd all still be swooning over him.

    The former One Direction singer was out last night at the Asian Awards in London – his first appearance in public since he dramatically quit the band last month.


    And of course, we were there to find out what the hell was going on/try our hardest to touch his face.


    Bringing his mum as his date (WE CAN'T), the 22-year-old was there to pick up

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  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s Birthday: Her Sexiest Candid Instagram Pics

    Forget the official modelling campaign photos; this is where Rosie is sexiest.

    She looks a million dollars in all those official modelling pics she shares on social media.

    Rosie Huntington-Whitely in a bikini. Yep, pretty darn sexy. Copyright: [Instagram]Rosie Huntington-Whitely in a bikini. Yep, pretty darn sexy. Copyright: [Instagram]

    But Rosie Huntington-Whiteley looks even sexier in her candid Instagram snaps, from swinging in a bikini and sneak peaks at lingerie shoots to new hairdo selfies and temporary tatts.

    As Rosie celebrates her 28th birthday today, we’re celebrating with sexiest candid pics.

    1. Rosie’s Sexy Bikini Time

    “The Land Of Smiles”

    We’d be smiling too if we were swinging on a beach like that.

    Rosie shared a shot of her fun bikini time on holiday in what can only be described as a tropical paradise in January 2015. Pretty nice way to start the year, right?

    2. Rosie’s Sexy Lingerie Shoot

    “On set shooting Rosie For Autograph today. Big thank you to the team @marksandspencer @guyaroch @chercoulter @florriewhitemakeup @cwoodhair @theproductionfactory #RosieForAutograph #RosieLingerie ❤️”

    Rosie shares her official modelling campaign pics on her social media, but it’s these behind-the-scenes untouched shots that make

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  • Kourtney Kardashian’s Birthday: Her Most Eye-Catching Instagram Pics

    There’s no way you’ll be able to tear your peepers away from this lovely lot.

    Those Kardashians know how to grab our attention.

    Kourtney Kardashian's eye mask selfie. Just your average Friday night in, right? Copyright: [Instagram]Kourtney Kardashian's eye mask selfie. Just your average Friday night in, right? Copyright: [Instagram]

    And Kourtney Kardashian is a master at surprising/funny/outrageous/weird Instagram pics, whether she’s sharing an eye mask selfie or hooking herself up to a breast pump.

    As Kourtney celebrates her 36th birthday today, we’re celebrating with her most eye-catching pics.

    1. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Expressing

    “After the show it's the after party.”

    This brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “bring a bottle”.

    Kourtney shared a shot of herself expressing breast milk to her millions of followers in March 2015. And she held not one, but two breast pumps. Now that’s multi-tasking.

    2. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Closet

    “Decisions, decisions.”

    If you thought your shoe collection was a little indulgent, just check out Kourt’s closet.

    That’s right, this Kardashian has a whole wall’s worth of shoes. Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out.

    Imagine having to dust all of those.

    3. Kourtney’s Eye-Catching Corset

    “Starting my Monday with a little waist training

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  • Let's face it, we all have a major girlcrush on the total babe that is Cheryl Fernandez Versini, but you'd be lying if you said that you didn't secretly wish that she wasn't so gorgeous without her make-up and hairstyling team.

    Well, we're sorry to disappoint you all but we can now safely confirm that Chezza is just as gorge without a scrap of make-up on and in dressed down jeans as she is in her designer gowns and full face of slap.

    BABE. Copyright: [Instagram]BABE. Copyright: [Instagram]

    Life just isn't fair, is it?

    It was proud husband Jean Bernard Fernandez Versini who brought this to our attention when he took to his Instagram account last night to share a snap of his glowing wife on a day out to see the lions.

    Showing a specific love for the singer's trademark dimples, Jean captioned the snap with: "Look dimple ! . Ah yeah and the lions in the background.

    "@cherylofficial natural beauty. [sic]"

    Plus a whole load of emojis, including the heart-eyed one.

    They're just too ruddy cute, aren't they? And we reckon he's deffo right with that

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  • Miley Cyrus isn't exactly known for being the quiet and retiring type, but her latest Instagram shenanigans have had the mums and dads of the Internet world up in arms about how WILDY INAPPROPRIATE AND VULGAR she is.

    Erm, why? Because she posted a crotch-grabbing, topless pic of course:

    SHOCK HORROR. Copyright: [Instagram]SHOCK HORROR. Copyright: [Instagram]

    We mean, isn't that just outrageous?

    The 22-year-old singer is no stranger to getting her bod out on her social media channels, seemingly a fan of just letting everything hang free while she parties with her friends, but the latest snap that saw her bare chest teamed with some fishnet tights and biker boots was seemingly the final straw for some.

    Hanging out with Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter, Tallulah Willis, Miley simply captioned the snap with: "About last night".

    And within seconds she faced a barrage of abuse from angry prudes, with some writing: "Absolutely disgusting."

    Miley's no stranger to getting her kit off. Copyright: [Instagram]Miley's no stranger to getting her kit off. Copyright: [Instagram]

    "I love you so much, but please stop it."

    "It is so NOT sexy when you are this desperate."

    "Can you put it away

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