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  • One Direction's You & I video: 37 things we noticed

    One Direction's You & I Video: 37 Things We Noticed

    It’s here, kids.

    The new One Direction video for You and I has landed and predictably, it is a massive swoon-fest.

    There’s not too much too it – basically the boys walk along a very long (seemingly infinite) pier for 3 and a bit minutes.

    But who needs anything more when you have a One Direction?

    So allow us now to take you through the new vid with our second-by-second guide to their latest offering.


    2. 0.02: What’s Niall doing with Miley’s hair?
    3. 0.07: We wish we were on a pier. Preferably with Niall Horan.
    4. 0.09: Nothing like a bit of salty air.
    5. 0.13: Niall does very good walking.
    6. 0.46: BEARDY LIAM PAYNE
    11. 0.52: Oh so they are like totally wearing the same jumper?
    12. 0.54: Gee, we wish we could get our boyf to wear that jumper.
    13. 0.55: Mainly so we could imagine he was Harry/Zayn/Niall/Liam/Louis
    14. 1.09: Harry’s hir really does have excellent

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  • Helen Flanagan Reckons Southerners Are 'B*tchy'

    Flanners says people in the North are way friendlier

    People of London breathe a sigh of relief.

    Helen Flanagan has no plans to move down South. Copyright (Instagram)

    Helen Flanagan has absolutely no plans to move down south anytime soon because she reckons the people are proper ‘b*tchy’.
    "I don't like to be down south for too long,” the 23-year-old told Star magazine.

    “Even though it is amazing, it's b*tchy. You just want someone to be really, really friendly to you.”

    Y’see, Flanners just feels people are way friendlier to her up North.

    "I just think sometimes, everyone's a bit more friendly [up north]. If you go into a club and you're in Manchester you can say, 'I love your dress' and they'll say, 'oh thanks'. You say that in London and they'll be like...[gives a dirty look.]'"

    Hmmmmm. Perhaps they couldn’t understand her accent?

    Helen Flanagan and Scott Sinclair split last year. Copyright [Instagram]

    The former Corrie star also insisted that her relationship with footballer Scott Sinvlaire is right back on track after the pair split up following cheating rumours last year.

    Helen now says she has learnt the secret to a loved-up existence – compromise.

    "Everyone's got to work at their

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  • Christina Aguilera Posts Cute Snap Of Growing Baby Bump

    Hey there Mama!

    She’s quite literally looking swell (!).

    Christina Aguilera shows off her baby bump. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Christina Aguilera showed off her blossoming baby bump in a cute Twitpic yesterday.

    Xtina is expecting her first baby with her fiancée Matthew Rutler and the star posted the cute, coupley snap with the message: "Baby loves NYC."

    Up until the now the couple have been keeping schtum about their news however, his Ma did basically accidentally spill the beans to InTouch last week.

    When asked if she was about to become a grandmother, Kathleen Rutler said: "I've been sort of told not to say anything."


    The baby is believed to be a little girl after Christina reportedly announced the gender at a concert in Malaysia.

    Christina Aguilera also just got engaged. Copyright: [Twitter]

    Matthew and Christina also recently got engaged and Christina, 33, shared their news on Twitter saying: "He asked and I said..." followed by this super cute snap.

    We are assuming she said yes and isn’t just keeping the ring, FYI.

    The pair met on the set of Burlesque where Matthew was a producer and started dating in the wake of Christina’s

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  • Peaches Geldof's Funeral To Be Held At Same Church As Paula Yates'

    On Easter Monday, her family will say their final goodbye at the same location chosen for tragic Paula just fourteen years earlier

    We’re still in shock that she’s gone.

    Peaches Geldof died suddenly aged just 25. Copyright [REX]

    Peaches Geldof’s funeral is to be held at the same church as her mother’s, Paula Yates.

    On Easter Monday, her family will say their final goodbye at the same location chosen for tragic Paula just fourteen years earlier.

    The small church in Kent is also where Peaches was christened and married husband Thomas Cohen in 2012.

    Her Dad Bob Geldof, 62, is expected to give the eulogy at the ceremony, which will be a private affair for friends and family.

    Her last tweet was a picture of her and her mum, Paula Yates. Copyright: [Twitter]

    A source told The Sun:

    “Bob is keen to speak as he did at the funeral of Paula and his dad Bob Snr in Dublin, but he knows it won’t be easy.”

    “The family are completely exhausted and trying to organise a memorable final farewell for Peaches.”

    They are now awaiting the results of toxicology tests after an inconclusive post-mortem last week.

    Peaches is expected to be cremated and her ashes scattered in the family home grounds where she grew up.

    Peaches dedicated all her time to being a mum to her sons. Copyright [Instagram]

    The former TV presenter leaves behind two sons, Astala, 23 months, and

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  • Lindsay Lohan Admits She DID Write THAT List of Conquests

    The actress says it does belong to her but that it is 'f***** up' it got leaked

    So she DID write it!

    Lindsay Lohan has admitted that it is her list. Copyright: [Splash]

    People of the world listen up, for we have confirmation that Lindsay Lohan DID write that infamous list of conquests found in an LA hotel.

    So yes, she has broken her silence. However, the 27-year-old is not happy about her scrawlings coming to public attention.

    While speaking to Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen, Lindsay revealed:

    "The story's on Page Six right now, that is actually really is annoying right now. It's f***** up. And I don't want a part in it."

    Page Six is the major goss section in America, FYI.

    "The fact that that happened was not only humiliating, but just mean," she added after a headline of her list of conquests shows up on the screen.

    Lindsay Lohan's sex list now has more names on it. Copyright [InTouch]

    And the actress insists it wasn’t written in a bar, but as part of her treatment for alcoholism. She says:

    "You know, I'm going to get serious for a second. That was actually my fifth step in AA at Betty Ford.”

    “And someone, when I was moving during the OWN show, must have taken a photo of it. And so that's

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  • Victoria Beckham Gets A Topless David Beckham For Her 40th Birthday

    So THAT is what you get the girl who has everything!

    Can we have one of these for our birthday too?
    Victoria and David Beckham celebrate her 40th. Copyright: [Twitter]
    Victoria Beckham got what every girl dreams of for her 40th – a topless David Beckham!

    So THAT is what you get the girl who has everything, eh? No wonder she is smiling for a change.

    The former Spice Girl tweeted the cute pic yesterday with the message: "Having a wonderful day with my family x vb."
    However, if you ask us it would have better suited a simple ‘*smugface*’.

    Happy Birthday Vic, we trust your day was full of equally delicious surprises.

    David and Victoria – who have now been married for 14 blimmin’ years (how time flies, eh?) – spent her birthday soaking up the sun Stateside.

    The fam have hit the Grand Canyon with their BFFs, Gordon Ramsay and his family to wish Victoria many happy returns.

    Victoria Beckham's birthday location - and her bum! Copyright: [Twitter]

    Earlier Vic treated us to a snap of her surroundings – and her pert bum – with the message:

    "Good morning! Special day with my beautiful babies and wonderful husband, I love you all so much x vb,"

    She also thanked her Mum and Dad for being so kind as

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  • Logan Lerman And Douglas Booth Talk Getting Emma Watson Wet

    We get to the bottom of all things damp, soggy and moist with the Noah stars

    We think we have two new crushes:

    People, allow us to introduce Douglas Booth and Logan Lerman.

    We interviewed them last week and now we think we are in love. And after watching this, you will be too soon.

    Not only are they totally gorge – they're also clearly the best fun we've had in, like, months.

    The chaps were promoting their new film NOAH (yes, as in Noah’s Ark), so we tried to write appropriately-wet questions. After all, NOAH is a very wet film.

    So what did we find out? Well, Logan likes a sweaty Emma Watson, while Douglas remained rather noncommittal on that one.

    They both are fans of Tom Daley’s Splash, Russell Crowe is awfully economical about towels and Anthony Hopkins doesn’t mind getting soggy.

    However, what we mainly discovered was that Logan Lerman and Douglas Booth are both very, very, VERY pretty.

    Although, don’t just take our word for it – check them out for yourselves NOW!

    [Emma Watson goes gothic glam fro New York Noah premiere]

    [Emma Watson has post Harry Potter acting

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  • Alesha Dixon 'Being Considered' For X Factor Judging Panel

    Simon Cowell is reportedly a 'big fan' of the BGT judge

    She’s already busy juggling being a new Mum and a judge on Britain’s Got Talent.

    Alesha Dixon is being seriously considered reportedly. Copyright: [Wenn]

    But apparently Alesha Dixon has also been in talks to be the fourth judge on X Factor.

    Speaking to The Sun on Sunday newspaper, an insider said: "Alesha has been seriously considered as the fourth judge. She's part of the Syco family and Simon is a huge fan.”

    As is Cheryl Cole apparently: "Alesha would probably be up for doing it if she got the nod from Simon ... Cheryl and Alesha have always got on well so there are no problems there."

    However, so many people have now reportedly ‘been in talks’ for the role, we’re not even quite sure what it means anymore.

    Simon Cowell is reportedly a BIG fan. Copyright: [Wenn]

    Simon Cowell once asked us where the loo was at a party – does that mean we have pretty much been ‘in talks’ too?

    It also seems show bosses aren't completely sold on the idea because they don't want to split up the BGT panel - completed by Simon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden - who are seen as a solid foursome.

    The source added: "It's a very settled line-up

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  • Emma Willis Offered Hefty Pay Rise To Return To The Voice

    Show bosses are believed to be terrified that ITV will try and steal their host

    There is no doubt she pretty much made the series.

    Emma Willis has had a brilliant series. Copyright: [BBC]

    So we are hardly surprised to hear that the BBC are desperate to sign up Emma Willis for the next series of The Voice.

    They are even willing to pretty much double her pay for fear that ITV will snatch her with the offer of more dollar.

    A sneaky source told The Mirror: “The production team know they have a winning formula right now. Emma has been key to the success of this series.

    “They don't want to lose her to ITV so they will make her an offer she can't refuse.”

    Perhaps throw in Harry Styles? Now that would be an offer we certainly couldn’t refuse.
    Show bosses want both Marvin and Emma back. Copyright: [BBC]

    Show bosses are also said to be keen to re-sign her cohost, Marvin Humes, who has also done a pretty brilliant job this series.

    However, they could still be losing a Kylie Minogue, whose forthcoming tour clashes with the filming of the next series.

    Saying that, Kylie hasn’t ruled the show out entirely yet.

    She said in an interview on Graham Norton: “I don't know as of yet because I'm going on tour

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  • Aston Merrygold Inadvertently Gives Out Old Man's Phone Number On Twitter

    Pest controller Bill Phillips is no longer a JLS fan, that's for sure

    It was intended to be a bit of LOLz.

    Aston Merrygold gave out Bill Phillips' phone number accidentally. Copyright [SWNS]

    Oh Aston, what a giant #fail. Copyright: [Wenn]

    However, Aston Merrygold has found himself in a spot of bother after he inadvertently gave out an old man’s phone number on Twitter, prompting 4,000 nuisance phone calls.

    Saying it belonged to his JLS bandmate Oritse, Aston gave out what he thought was a totally made-up number. Sadly, made-up it was not.

    Oritse's fans have been sending countless texts to Bill. Copyright [SWNS]

    It actually belonged to a 65-year-old pest controller called Bill Phillips, who then received thousands of phone calls from hysterical JLS fans.

    Bill told The Sun: “I’ve had this number for 21 years and I use it for work. I know of one job its cost me.”

    He went on to say that many of the calls were from “crying” teenage girls who demanded to know why JLS split up.

    He added, “It’s made my life hell.”

    And theirs too, Bill.

    Aston performing with JLS. Copyright: [Splash]

    Aston's agent last night told the Sunday Mirror: "We're aware of it and are speaking to the individual involved to resolve the issue.

    "Aston is mortified and very sorry, he has wholeheartedly apologised.  It was an April Fools joke but it

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