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Julia White, Editor

Can't live without: Tea and biscuits. Preferably dunked.
Favourite Celebrity: George Clooney. Because he told me he liked my coat. Really.
omg! moment: Falling flat on my face in skyscraper heels on the red carpet.

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Nikki Barr, Deputy Editor

Can't live without: Popcorn - never ask me to share it, because I simply won’t.
Favourite Celebrity: Ryan Gosling can save me from a New York cab any day of the week.
omg! moment: Stealing R-Pattz’s pencil, following him around London in a cab and then getting chucked out of a Twilight convention for hiding in the bushes – all in the name of gossip, obvs.

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Ellie Woodward, Senior Reporter

Can't live without: Trashy reality TV and chocolate. Preferably together.
Favourite Celebrity: Olly Murs – we played ping pong together. That’s totes a date, right?
omg! moment: Getting papped outside a club with omg!’s Rebecca, feeling like celebs for all of 30 seconds.

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Amy Nickell, Reporter

Can't live without: Talking, constantly. Sometimes to myself.
Favourite Celebrity: Ed Sheeran, one day we will be wed.
omg! moment:I can only have one?! Going to the cinema with Harry Styles.

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Chris Smith, Reporter

Can't live without: Coffee, at least four cups a day.
Favourite Celebrity: Konnie Huq. Don’t ask.
omg! moment: Interviewing Brad Pitt was rather exciting.

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